About Us

In 2018, Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto opened a small baby and maternity shop inside the hospital to provide new parents with a curated collection of safe and reliable products to help them care for their babies.  As an academic research hospital and a leader in high risk pregnancies, we know what parents need to help their newborns thrive. All products are reviewed by an advisory committee made up of Mount Sinai Hospital nurses, lactation consultants and members of the Baby Friendly Initiative committee.

The Sinai Shop is on a mission to help patients, family members and caregivers in the Canadian healthcare community find safe, high quality medical equipment and supplies to promote faster, easier and better recovery, at home or in hospital.  To achieve this goal, we are increasing our product line to offer more items and resources to meet the needs of all types of patientsAll of our medical products are chosen by a team of healthcare experts.

We strive to be your trusted source for go-to items. Please send us an email with product ideas, feedback and patient stories info@sinaishop.ca.

Our Mission

We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell.

We seek out items that are safe and well-made, with a preference for made-in-Canada.

We select products that support and promote the health and well-being of our patients and the community.

All proceeds go to Mount Sinai Hospital and the Sinai Health System.

Photo rendering of the future Mount Sinai Hospital entrance.