Hospital Stay Dry Ice Pack - Maternity

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These ice packs made with our STAY-DRY* construction deliver up to 2.5 hours of consistent, dry cold therapy. They feature a 3-layer construction, which helps reduce wetness due to condensation. And they’re available with ties or hook-and-loop straps for added support and versatility. We also offer a convenient STAY-DRY* hanging dispensing system which takes seconds to attach, on or next to an ice machine.

 STAY-DRY* Hanging Dispenser System

  • Place STAY-DRY* dispenser bracket on or near ice machine
  • Secure STAY-DRY* box to bracket using tabs
  • Rip open dispenser box door along perforations and discard
  • Remove STAY-DRY* Ice Packs
  • Repeat process as needed
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