Bum Bum Diapering Salve

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Help soothe your baby's bottom with the Dimpleskins Naturals Bum Bum Balm Diapering Salve. Made with herbal extracts to help calm your baby's skin. This salve also has anti-inflammatory properties to help coat baby's skin.
  • Help soothe your baby's bottom with this awesome balm
  • Lavender and calendula scented
  • Ingredients: pure beeswax, coconut oil, Apricot kernel oil, organic Jojoba oil, organic Calendula infused Sunflower oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E (tocopherol), lavender essential oil.
  • Apply a thin layer as needed
  • Can be used at every diaper change
  • Cloth-diaper friendly
  • Manufactured in Canada
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