Premium Cancer Care Mind Care Package

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We are thrilled to partner with Amidira to launch this very special collection of packages for patients who need support during or after their cancer treatment.

Gift Mental Wellness to a Cancer Patient

Give with confidence. This Amidira Mind Care Box gives you confidence that you are truly supporting your loved one in a time of need. Based on real-world experience and cancer research, this box contains a curated set of premium products that will help the recipient feel relaxed, mentally renewed, and less alone. 

This collection includes:

Olive Box. Olive represents healing, warmth, and peace. This olive themed elegant magnetic closure box is beautifully designed to uplift your loved one. Many cancer patients feel a sense of loss, especially of beauty. Use this box to remind them that they’ll always be beautiful and deserving of love. 

Olive Card. We handwrite your custom message on a matching olive themed greeting card! Just tell us what you want written below and we'll hand write for you. Remember you To and From.

Boost Tea. 40g of loose leaf organic jasmine gold dragon tea, high in antioxidants to prevent cancer. Our supplier regularly gets their teas rated for antioxidants at the local university and we sell the highly rated ones. With exquisite jasmine notes, this tea is small batch blended and packed, with L-theanine to decrease anxiety, and low caffeine to boost alertness. 

Getaway Coloring. 2x coloring books and 12 full sized high quality colored pencils, so your loved one can practice art therapy. In research, cancer patients who practice art therapy experience better moods while feeling less upset and more in control of their diagnosis. The Secret Garden coloring book has been sold 20M times worldwide and is created by Officer of the Order of the British Empire Johanna Basford. The Animal Kingdom coloring book is by Sunday Times bestseller and wildlife illustrator Millie Marotta. All travel sized so your loved one can color in treatment waiting rooms. 

Kick Back Candle. In collaboration with Rekindle Kandles, we bring you a rose candle for your loved one to practice aromatherapy. Cancer patients given aromatherapy have shown improvement in mood, anxiety, and depression. Rose essential oils are known to relieve stress and pain. These candles are made with coconut-soy wax with a cotton wick for 35+ hour a clean burn, with no harmful paraffin, parabens or phthalates found in many common candles. Hand poured, 100% vegan.

Sweet Dreams Eye Cover. A faux silk eye cover with travel pouch to help your loved one sleep in bright hospital settings. Fatigue is reported by as many as 40% of cancer patients at the time of diagnosis, up to 90% of those treated with radiation, and up to 80% of those treated with chemotherapy. Research has shown eye covers work, even in ICUs. This eye cover is thickly padded, breathable, and uniquely cut for the human face, with a comfortable elastic fit to promote sleep even in loud bright places. 

Ohm Bath Salts. 100% Dead Sea Salt. Salt has numerous uses during treatment: the Canadian Cancer society recommends soaking palms or feet in salt water to address hand foot syndrome caused by chemo; the Cleveland Clinic recommends warm spitz baths for chemo induced diarrhea, and the Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine recommends using salt baths to support detoxification on the 2nd or 3rd day after chemo infusions. These salts naturally contain magnesium chloride to combat stress and calm nerves and have no additives. 

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