Premium Cancer Body Care Package
Premium Cancer Body Care Package

Premium Cancer Body Care Package

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We are thrilled to partner with Amidira to launch this very special collection of packages for patients who need support during or after their cancer treatment.

Give with confidence. Cancer therapy can be hard on the body. This Amidira Body Care Box gives you confidence that you are truly supporting your loved one in a time of need. Based on real-world experience and cancer research, this box contains a curated set of premium products that will help the recipient feel loved, renewed, and comforted. 

Sage Box. Olive represents health and wisdom. This sage themed elegant magnetic closure box is beautifully designed to uplift your loved one. Many cancer patients feel a sense of loss, especially of beauty. Use this box to remind them that they’ll always be beautiful and deserving of love. 

Sage Card. We handwrite your custom message on a matching sage themed greeting card! Just tell us what you want written when adding to cart and we'll hand write for you. Remember you To and From.

Good Riddance Body Scrub. 250 mL of turmeric and neem scrub to help your loved one tame dry and chaotic skin, and metaphorically wash away bad vibes! Skin dryness and itchiness are common side effects of cancer treatment. Research suggests that when cancer patients are able to anticipate therapy side effects, the effects are less anxiety provoking, and that skin care management can fulfill anticipatory coping. This 95% organic scrub will remove dead skin buildup and allow moisturizer to be absorbed better. It’s vegan with no added gluten, phthalates, or parabens, and packed with hydrating butters and oils to bring relief to dry, oily, chaotic, or combination skin. Grapefruit essential oil adds a bright, fresh, spiced aroma. Readour research on body scrubs.

Show Off Body Cream. 60 mL mint massage butter cream to relax and invigorate your loved one. The National Cancer Institute recommends creams that are gentle to deal with skin problems resulting from cancer treatment. This scrumptious massage butter is packed with 95% organic skin-soothing ingredients, with a natural sweet cocoa and cooling mint scent. The cocoa butter, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils help lock in moisture and provide rich fatty acids. The skin-rejuvenating oils include tamanu, borage, and olive oil, with arnica to boost relief. Perfect for use with the scrub and massage ball in this box. Read our research on body creams.

All Set Lip Balm. 40 mL natural vanilla stick lip balm to get your loved one feeling ready to take anything on. Cancer treatment can cause dry mouth by damaging salivary glands, and the National Cancer Institute recommends the use of lip balm to manage dry mouth problems. This balm contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E to soothe and moisturize. 

Cozy Up Socks. Unisex plain color fuzzy socks to comfort your loved one. In research, warmth has been shown to make people feel good emotionally. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends fuzzy socks for keeping warm during chemotherapy or other long drug treatments. South Texas Gynecologic Oncology also recommends soft comfortable socks to deal with chemotherapy associated neuropathy that typically begins in the toes. These super soft socks are breathable and quick dry. 

Roll With the Punches Massage Ball. 7cm physiotherapist-recommended spiky massage ball for your loved one to practice massage therapy wherever they are. Research has shown that massage can relieve many side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, including fatigue anxiety, nausea, and pain. Australia’s Cancer Council recommends massaging acupressure points as a cancer patient self-help technique, and spiky massage balls are great for an acupressure effect. They’re also good for relieving tension in the face, head, neck, shoulders and feet. This massage ball is made of soft flexible plastic for better control of pressure. 

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